Grant Writing Success

If your innovative idea aligns with a federal agency's goals, then you can get R&D funding through the federal Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program.

SBIR grants give you R&D funding without giving up equity, and they give potential investors & customers early proof that your technology is indeed exciting and innovative.

I can help you win those grants because I can:

My SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) proposals have resulted in >$5 Million in grant funding from such agencies as:

The following table lists the SBIR proposals I've written, and the awards resulting from those efforts. The technologies involve:

I have years of experience with the NIH SBIR Proposal process, which requires organization registration and proposal submission through;  use of  NIH  ERA Commons for grant management; and reports on commercialization success.

Agency Proposal Title Awards
NIH/NINDS A Flow Monitor for Pediatric Hydrocephalic Shunts     SBIR Phase-I $100K (a)

    SBIR Phase-II $750K (a)

NIH/NIDDK A New Device for Monitoring Diabetic Microcirculation     SBIR Phase-I $100K (a)
NIH/NHLBI A Flowmeter With Telemetry for Chronic Animal Studies     SBIR Phase-I $100K (a)

    SBIR Phase-II $750K (a)

NIH/NHLBI Tools & Techniques to Measure Flow & Pressure in Mice     SBIR Phase-II $500K (a)
NASA Smart Coatings for In-Situ Monitoring of Engine Components     SBIR Phase-I - $70K(a)

    SBIR Phase-II $670K(a)


An Electromagnetic "Smart Washer" for Detecting Bolt-Hole Cracking

    SBIR Phase-I $70K (a)

Remote Sensors for Pavement Ice Detection

    SBIR Phase-I  $92K (a)

    SBIR Phase-II $500K

DOD/Air Force

Large Area Network for On-Line Health Monitoring

    SBIR Phase-I, $98K (a)

Helicopter/Tiltrotor Gearbox Debris Monitoring


    SBIR Phase-I  $70K (a)

    SBIR Phase-II $745K


Automated In-Situ Inspection System for Underground Fuel Storage Tanks


    SBIR Phase-I $52K (a)

    SBIR Phase-II $498K (a)


    Total ==>$5,165K

  (a) - I was proposal author

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